About Us

Gunkel Orchards is a Fourth Generation family farm located in an exceptionally unique growing climate. Maryhill Premium Brand Fruit is grown and produced by Gunkel Orchards, founded in 1936 by Daniel Gunkel. Grandsons, Dan and Ron, now operate the small family orchard which sets itself apart from other producers with its product quality by growing and shipping the most mature fruit possible. The small farm has expanded operations through the generations. Since establishment, the farm has remained in continuous stone fruit production focusing on sustainably harvesting and packing, hand picked tree-ripe fruit for market at peak freshness.

Gunkel Orchards produces classic yellow flesh and sub-acid peach varieties, nectarines, apricots, cherries, and wine grapes. The unique micro-climate of extremely low rainfall (less than 8 inches per year), warm temperatures, and high Columbia Gorge winds benefit cultural practices by significantly reducing fungicide use. Currently, we are experimenting with wood chip mulch as a means to further reduce herbicide applications. All pruning debris is recycled, mulched and added to the orchard floor for nutrient recycling. All farming operations utilize drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation to conserve water as much as possible. A focus on continuing the family heritage and passing the farm from one generation to the next drives careful management to ensure the land remains in agricultural production into the future.

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